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just like to say that you are beautiful

Thank you!

The NHS is shit.

So my boyfriend has been in hospital since about 6pm. He was sent to Q of E Hospital (which me nor he knew where the fuck it was). He has a severe fore arms injury which has damaged his muscles. Oh to be honest I’m not 100% sure what is wromg but I know he put his arm through a double glazing window and the ambulance team said to me and him that it was the worst injury they’d seen in a long time. He may have shards of glass in it, when he went in for x-rays the nurses/doctors didn’t even tell us the results.

Since we got out the ambulance he has been bandaged once and only once more were they changed after me and Phill told them time and time again to change them.

They have starved him for surgery and then they told him surgery wasn’t going to happen tonight. But did they feed him? No.

Since 8pm when he was finally put in a ward they have done NOTHING but poke at him to check how much pain he’s in.

This isn’t the care I expect.

I miss you.

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Me and Phill in the kitchen getting our cuttlery for dinner:

Phill: Why are the spoons all mixed up with the knives? Someone should sort their knife out.

Me: Guess they don’t give a fork.


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Deleted Facebook.

Yeah. Can’t say I’ll be around here often either. I’ll probably end up.deleting this and twitter too.


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holy shit this is perfect


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How is your weight going?

I’ve gained weight.

Bit saddening, but incredibly interesting, I don’t know, I think maybe me gaining weight is good, after all, my body seems to be filling out nicely (:

If you can’t be honest with me

 don’t fucking bother talking to me.